Notes for climbing meets, spring – summer 2021


In line with Government guidance and dependent on the dates for release from lockdown remaining as published, for groups up to 30, here is the meets list for the first few weeks.

As previously stated, avoiding popular spots at weekends and visiting crags with a number of easier routes was the preference to ease us back into climbing after a long break from meets.

With some input from some of our regular climbers, this is it.

It has become clear that many members are unsure as to their commitments immediately following the easing of lockdown, so the meets below do not have an assigned organiser as yet. IF YOU ARE SURE YOU WILL BE ATTENDING ANY OF THESE MEETS AND COULD BE THE DESIGNATED LEADER PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP ON CLIMBING WHATSAPP, TEXT OR PHONE 07582634280. Otherwise I’ll be asking for volunteers nearer the dates in question.

Paul Gibson Meets Secretary