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    mike doyle

    12 of us met at the parking area on the Yorkshire Bridge to Thornhill road where a bit of juggling produced two groups of 6 to walk in opposite directions.
    My group then set out to do the walk in a clockwise circuit while Andrew M led the other group on an anti-clockwise circuit.
    The clockwise group were soon faced by by a long climb-firstly from the valley floor to the top of the Ladybower dam and secondly from the dam to the top of Bamford Edge.
    The sun shone and we all started removing layers.Stopping for the usual coffee break we enjoyed the view over Ladybower , the viaduct and the surrounding hills.but noting the bad weather over Upper Derwent.There was some discussion about whether it would pass us by -but of course,it didn’t !
    Continuing along the ridge to Bamford Edge the weather caught us up with an unexpected shower of hail!As the worst of it passed and we neared the end of Bamford Edge,we found a sheltered spot overlooking the Hope valley for lunch.
    Meantime the anti-clockwise group,who had escaped the hale on their more gradual ascent, stopped for lunch just below Bamford Edge. Both groups briefly met and exchanged pleasantries before continuing-the clockwise group descending Hurst Clough and the anti-clockwise group ascending Bamford Edge.
    Both groups then continued their respective routes,with the clockwise group finishing slightly ahead.
    A good day out enjoyed by all.
    Mike D.

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