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    mike doyle

    5 members set out from the Norfolk Arms on a dull cloudy day.
    Houndkirk Road was followed before the moorland path led over to Blacka Plantation.Midway over the moors.Despite the overall dullness,strangely,we could see the distant centre of Sheffield lit up by a patch of sunlight.
    Blacka Plantation then followed with the long descent largely free of mud and bog after a work party the day before had made improvements.
    Once through Blacka Plantation we continued to Dore.The recreation ground there proved to be a good choice of location for lunch,being empty with a plentiful supply of benches and a picnic table.
    Lunch over we continued to the grassy ( and rather muddy) area leading into Ecclesall Woods.Woodland paths then led across to the start of Limb Brook and the adjacent parkland which led to the start of the Limb Valley .
    At this point Paul,who had been struggling with back problems for a while,opted to return home by road to avoid the inevitable climb through the valley.
    The remaining 4 then continued up the valley,steep and muddy in places,to emerge back at the Norfolk Arms-just as a steady drizzle set in.
    Vanda headed back home,but the remaining 3 stopped for a welcome tea/hot chocolate at the Norfolk Arms take away counter which nicely finished off the day.
    To my embarrassment the mileage shown on Paul’s GPS was virtually 9 miles.John Hutch later reported that by the OS maps app he got 8 miles!Difficult to reconcile these extremes,so I did a recalculation by thread & map which produced 8.4!
    A pleasant walk despite the dullness with moorland and wooded scenery.
    Mike D

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