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    Andrew Milne

    Dear All
    Have had the following email from Simon Peace. I have written back expressing sympathy on behalf of the club and have asked Simon to send me the funeral arrangements when he has them.

    Hi. I am Simon Peace, and I am one of the sons of Mary Peace and Patrick Peace who were founding members of the Castle Club, and in fact who have both been president of the club, admittedly a long time ago. It is my sad duty to tell you that my mother Mary Peace passed away yesterday 29th Nov 2021 (my father passed away some years ago). There may well no longer be any members who remember my parents, but I thought it an important courtesy to tell you. If you do have any older members who might remember them then please would you pass on the news.
    As this only happened yesterday no arrangements have yet been made, but if you would like me to pass on funeral arrangements when we have them then please let me know.
    I thought I should tell you as I know that both my parents were active and enthusiastic members, and even in her later years my mum would talk about her mountaineering memories with great fondness.
    Let me know if you do want any more information.

    Simon Peace
    07773 281028

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