The following have booked for the 50th Anniversary Reunion Weekend 20-22 October 2017.
(NB only those whose payment has been received by the treasurer are listed)
List last updated  19 July 2017

Margaret Anderson
Jill Anderson
Jack Ashcroft
Janet Ashcroft
John Barnard
David Beynon
Judy Bird
Marian Birkett
Bill Boley
Vanda Boyd
Kathy Burgess
Rachael Chapman
Claire Clancy
Lynne Clare
Russ Clare
Pat Cocks
Dorne Coggins
Martin Coggins
David Crowther
Hugh Dowling
Gill Doyle
Mike Doyle
Dave Dunk
Charlotte Evans
Hilary Evans
John Evans
Alan Fowler
Kate Fowler
Anne Garsed
Steve Garsed
Paul Gibson
Barry Goodlad
Pat Goodlad
Paul Goodlad
Freda Green
Rob Green
John Gregory
Peter Hammond
Anne Hawksworth
Neil Hawksworth
Ronny Hindmoor
Andrew Hothersall
John Hutchison
Chris Huxham
Helen Jackson
Mike Jackson
Keith Jenkins
Dave Jenkyns
Jo Jennings
Melanie Jennings
Sean Jennings
Clive Johnson
Wendy Johnson
Fiona Johnston
Karin Jones
Chris Kell
Dave Kime
Jenny Kime
Charles Knowles
Ian Lauriston
Maureen Lauriston
Marianne Lawson
Steve Leather
Pete Lee
Hilary Maslen
Linda McLeish
Frank Mellor
Jennifer Mellor
Gill Miller
Sue Miller
Tim Miller
Alison Milne
Andrew Milne
Judith Morris
Dick Murton
John Murton
Linda Murton
Geoff Nichols
David Pendlebury
Dave Perry
Jenny Perry
Jane Phoenix
Ron Purkiss
Mary Reape
Elen Rees
Fran Riley
Gordon Riley
John Rogerson
John Sellars
Roger Skews
Andy Smith
Rosy Smith
Sue Stallibrass
John Starey
Patricia Swift
Peter Swift
John Taylor
Ashley Turner
Helen Turner
John Turner
Maureen Turner
Rosa Vilaseca
Lin Warris
Steve Warwick
Sue Warwick
Martin Whitaker
Tina Wilkinson