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    Andy SmithAndy Smith

    The weather was perfect: warm, dry and sunny. There was
    barely a cloud in the sky, no wind to speak of, and the air
    was wonderfully clear. Eleven members set off from Barber
    Booth car park, accompanied by a couple of dogs. A few
    fallen leaves were the only indication that summer had been
    succeeded by autumn.

    After the railway bridge, we left the road heading to Chapel
    Gate; the normally boggy section of this path seemed boggier
    than usual. The ascent of Chapel Gate spread people out a bit
    but we regrouped at the top for our coffee break, admiring
    the view of Kinder to the north, while in the other direction
    lay Chapel-en-le Frith and beyond. Enjoyable though it was
    to linger here, munching and nattering, we eventually got
    going again, taking the gradually rising path along Rushup
    Edge to Lords Seat. The Tumulus marked on the map is
    actually a Bronze Age burial site known as a bowl barrow. It
    is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, and is fenced off to
    protect the rare intact archaeological remains it is thought
    to contain.

    Descending from here we were on the narrow ridge stretching
    over to Mam Tor all the way to Lose Hill, with stunning
    views to either side. At Mam Nick we joined the crowds,
    heading up to the top of Mam Tor and then ambling down to
    Hollins Cross, and being overtaken by a party of young
    heavily laden D-of-E-ers. A flock of house martins was sighted
    at one point. By this time, hunger was beginning to make
    itself felt and so a grassy hollow overlooking Kinder and
    Edale, just below Hollins Cross, was chosen for our picnic.

    It was so pleasant here, it seemed a shame to go down, but
    it had to be done, and the last leg of the walk took us on
    the slanting path to Greenlands Farm and finally through
    fields back to Barber Booth.

    The lovely weather, great views, and wonderful surroundings
    must make today’s walk a strong contender for the best
    Thursday walk of the year.


    Andy SmithAndy Smith
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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