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    Originally expected most people to go on Linda’s longer walk, but after enforced change of plan for this, surprised to find 26 in total, (is this the largest number ever on a Castle walk?)plus the obligatory do, although a new one today, turned up. HELP. So Linda took her gang off on the extension loop first, but still leaving 18, or was it 19 ? (couldn’t be bothered to take off boots and socks each time to count) to do the shorter walk. So ambled off up the start of White Edge, down towards the road and back to the long largely drained Barbrook reservoir, where it was decided it looked good for a return visit for a wild swim (to be announced), down the track to a small pond, also declared suitable for a wild swim. Up via various boundary stones and back along White edge. A very pleasant day. Thanks to everyone in what turned out to be two groups for turning out.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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